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ISR students “Follow the Yellow Brick Road”

St Andrews International School Swimming Gala a splashing success

ISR students “Follow the Yellow Brick Road”

Last Friday the audience in the Roundhouse at ISR was transported ‘over the rainbow’ to the Land of the Munchkins in the world of ‘The Wizard of Oz’. The story was already familiar to many of the grown-ups and children who had come to watch and they were certainly not disappointed with the version performed by students from Year 7 to Year 13 (with a little help from some Year 6 singers).

The happy Munchkins!

Dorothy was brilliantly played by Colleen Flynn. However, there were times when she was nearly eclipsed by Toto the dog, friskily played by Whiskey, who was on loan from one of the ISR teachers!

Colleen was joined on her journey by the scarecrow, the tin man and the lion ably played by Quincy Tanner, Markku Palipea and Louise Black respectively. All three performed with great confidence and gusto.

Quincy Tanner as the Scarecrow

Murielle Rakotondrajao, who portrayed the wicked witch of the west, was far more glamorous than the original, but still managed to add a touch of menace to the role. Murielle was in direct contrast to Glinda, the good witch of the north, played by Eia Uus who was ‘sugar and spice and all things nice.’

Veterans of the ISR stage, Elizabeth Stead and Kubra Arslan who have both walked the boards before, performed the parts of Professor Marvel and the Great Oz with panache.

The main characters were supported by Egle Pedak and Jaanus who played Auntie Em and Uncle Henry, with Kristjan Mannik and Timon Dressler as the funsome twosome guards - ‘not no way, no how’! The colourful Munchkins and People of Oz sang each song heartily and with much enthusiasm.

Louise Black played the Lion

The actors were well supported by a dedicated backstage team of staff and students and the music, together with the beautifully prepared backdrops and props created just the right atmosphere.

ISR parent Mrs Maria Black (aided by Mrs Sharon Young), created fantastic costumes for the entire cast. Congratulations must go to producer/director, Ms Taaffe-Fuller, whose tremendous dedication to the ‘Wizard’ during the past few weeks resulted in such a fine production.

The play was very much enjoyed by the audience who showed their pleasure with loud and lengthy applause at the end. Everyone had been merrily transported along the length of the yellow brick road as they joined the cast on their journey through the story which ended with those wise and oft repeated words: ‘there’s no place like home!’

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St Andrews International School Swimming Gala a splashing success

St Andrews International School recently hosted its annual ‘Swimming Gala’ at the Jomtien Chalet pool. The day was very enjoyable, with races and novelty events for everyone.

We are the champions!

All students from Reception through to Year 8 participated in the activities on the day, which was a splashing success. Every student had the opportunity to display their talents whilst earning points for their ‘House Team’. The students, who showed tremendous sportsmanship and camaraderie, entered into the spirit of the day with great enthusiasm. The cheering was loud and colorful with team banners and flags waved to encourage their fellow teammates.

The novelty relay

The open butterfly event allowed some of the students to display their level of swimming proficiency. There were also some very exciting races with close finishes. All of the participants that swam in their race had a great day, including the parents and teachers who swam in their own special race at the end of the day.

The winning house was the Sukhothai Team (Blue House), followed by Ayutthaya Team (Red House) and then the Chiang Mai Team (White House).

A very special thank you to Nicole Lowe from the Jomtien Chalet Resort for allowing the use of their pool for this special event. Everyone looks forward to having the next Swimming Gala at the Green Valley pool.

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