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Three abandoned children rescued

Get ready for higher fuel costs

Elderly German slain

Assault Rifle used in gangland style killing

Two Isaan women arrested after trying to outrun police

Quick U-turn leaves one man dead

Community drug program results in 2 arrests

Pattaya reveals AIDS statistics

Community joins forces to address street kid problem

Factory owner donates land and educational funds

Pattaya Road Show 2000 put on hold

Planting trees for the King and Queen

Novice ceremony held at Suttawad Temple

National Police Officers’ Wives Association visits 21 Homes for the Elderly on Mother’s Day

Three abandoned children rescued

Locked inside a house, neighbors had been feeding them

Three abandoned young children were finally rescued by Sattahip police last week after months of neglect. The three had been left in the care of an elderly scrap collector, who locked them in a house as he daily went about his business.

Police rescued these three abandoned young children and turned them over to the Chonburi Assistance Office.

A resident from Ban Phanleun in Moo 8, Sattahip finally contacted police on August 15th to report the 3 young children were being mistreated. Representatives from the Chonburi Assistance Office, the Pattaya Redemptorist Home for Street Children and Sattahip police investigated the report and found the three children inside a small house with the door and window’s locked tight. A few small holes had been cut into the rear of the house where neighbors were able to get food and snacks to the children.

Police forced entry into the house, finding the children left on their own in a wretched smelling room filled with the children’s own waste, which had not been cleaned for months.

Of the three children, only the 3-year-old boy was able to communicate his identity, but he as unable to identify his parents. Another boy appeared to be about 2-years old; the third child was a little girl about 1-year-old. All three were in poor physical condition from months of neglect. The children were handed over to official caretakers from the Chonburi Assistance Office.

An elderly woman in the community told police a man of about 60 years, only known as “Lung Lom”, brought the two boys into the house about 3-4 months ago. She said that last month the little girl appeared.

She said “Lung Lom” was employed as a scrap collector and that he locked the children in the room each day leaving them crying and calling out for their parents. Neighbors cut small holes in the back of the house to bring them food each day. She said they questioned “Lung Lom”, who claimed he was given 2,500 baht to look after each child.

Police later found “Lung Lom” sitting at a corner store drinking liquor. He was taken into the Sattahip police station for questioning. He identified himself as Nilom Ondeekul, age 64, and told police the children were given to him by their parents. He said the parent’s only parting words were that he could sell them to anyone interested.

Police have mounted a search for the parents who, when found, will stand trial for their heinous behavior.

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Get ready for higher fuel costs

Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT) Governor Wised Chubhibal announced that 95 octane fuel prices might increase up to 17-18 baht per liter, while diesel costs are expected to go up to 14 baht per liter.

Get ready to pay more at the pumps, as fuel prices are expected to rise more than they have in the past decade.

The PTT Governor said that the skyrocketing costs are a result of problems at refineries in Kuwait and Indonesia, as well as the Thai Oil Refinery temporarily closing to make repairs and improvements. Singapore has added to the problem by reducing production.

Analysts predict that if prices continue to increase till the year’s end, the rate of economic growth could be slowed by as much as 0.5%, having a detrimental impact on the country’s economic revitalization.

The impending crisis has caused top levels of government in Thailand to begin looking for ways to contain what is considered an unprecedented hike in fuel costs, the highest in the past decade.

Members of the National Energy Policy Commission, chaired by Prime Minister Chuan Leekpai, met to address the situation. Deputy Prime Minister Banyat Bantadtan and the Ministry of Interior were charged with the task of urging provincial governors all over the country to implement community campaigns to conserve energy.

Minister of Industry Suwat Liphataphanlop said that the members of the NEC are advocating each ministry and government agency to establish internal plans to minimize the use of energy within the next 15 days. This includes reducing street lighting in designated areas.

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Elderly German slain

Police search for suspect

71-year-old U.C. Ernst Schaper was found stabbed to death in his South Pattaya condo on Monday, August 21st. Schaper received three stab wounds to the chest and neck.

U.C. Ernst Schaper and a gay bar employee police believe might possibly be involved.

Management of the condo notified police after neighbors complained of an abhorrent odor emanating from the room. Officers broke into the room and armed with joss sticks, discovered Schaper’s body next to his bed. The blade of a paring knife was still buried in his chest with its handle broken off. A half-closed folding knife was lodged in the right side of his neck and underneath the body was a broken knife handle, false teeth and a wooden cutting board.

Region 2 Provincial Police Investigators from the Scientific Investigation Division inspected the room, collecting fingerprints and hair samples. They also found a number of bloody footprints in the room. Bloodstains covered the walls and bathroom sink area. Another paring knife stained with blood was found in the kitchen.

Schaper’s safe had been forced open, and a number of photos of Schaper with a probable gay bar employee were found.

The manager of the condo told police that a man named Sombat Pratumma from Sri Chiang Mai in Nong Khai was documented by the receptionist as visiting Schaper at 2.00 p.m. on August 18th. Sombat was described as 19-22 years old and very tall. Approximately two hours after registering, he was observed leaving the condo in haste.

The results of the initial examination suggest the murder occurred about three days ago. Personnel from the Sawang Boriboon Foundation transferred the body to the Police Forensic Lab after recording the corpse’s fingerprints for identification.

A special investigation unit has been assigned to the case to search for Sombat Pratumma and the person in the photo, who police believe might possibly be the same person.

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Assault Rifle used in gangland style killing

Police surmise drugs involved

Pattaya police initially believe that drugs may have been involved in the gangland style murder of Abhinant Jantarasute, age 32, from Nong Pang Khae.

Abhinant was shot twice with an AK47 assault rifle at 10.50 p.m. on August 13 in the vicinity of Soi Ko Phai and Soi Kokas.

Arriving on the scene, police found the body lying off to the side of the street, shot once in the chest and once in the head. A cigarette was still clutched in his hand and a bag of ice and soft drinks were next to the body.

A witness told police the man was shot by one of two men, both wearing dark clothing with hats covering their faces.

The witness described the two men as waiting inside a nearby rented room and when Abhinant entered the area returning with the ice and drinks, one of the two men shot him down with one shot. The two men then came out of the room, walked up to the body and shot the man once more in the head before running off into the area behind the apartment building.

Police conducted a search of the area, finding two AK assault rifle shell casings. They also searched the surrounding area for the rest of the night looking for the two assailants, but to no avail.

Two motorcycles were left in the area, one of which belonged to the dead man. Police are tracing the owner of the other motorcycle.

The day after the incident, Region 2 Provincial Police Commander Pol. Maj. Gen. Phanupong Singhara Na Ayuthaya called a meeting with police officers involved in the case and Pattaya Police Chief Pol. Col. Pinit Satcharoen. Expressing deep concern for the city’s reputation and the community’s safety, he said it was imperative to bring the killers in to maintain local security and stability.

Initially police felt the killing was probably drug-related but further information appears to contradict that idea. Pattaya police said a special investigation unit has been assigned to the case. Police have identified two possible suspects belonging to a new Naklua gang.

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Two lsaan women arrested after trying to outrun police

Police finally shoot out their tire on Soi 17

As part of their August crackdown on drugs, police set up a roadside checkpoint under the overpass on Pratamnak Road on August 12. At around 10:00 p.m., a Toyota pick-up with two-female occupants approached and ignored police signals to stop.

Police shot out a tire to finally bring the delinquent Toyota to a halt.

Police officers immediately suspected drugs were being transferred and chased after the Toyota as it headed for 3rd Road.

The vehicle turned off into Soi 17 trying to outrun police officers close behind on motorcycles, but the doughty officers soon caught up to the pick-up and fired off one shot in the crowded area, deftly blowing out their rear tire. However, the driver persisted to drive on and finally crashed into two parked motorcycles, which brought it to a halt.

The two women inside the pick-up were quickly taken into custody and a search of the Toyota with Korat plates began. A large quantity of old clothing was found inside the vehicle, and after closely inspecting everything, a grand total of three-methamphetamine pills turned up.

The two-woman were later identified as Angkana Chaiphutorn, age 29, from Korat and Ranchuan Sonwised, age 30, from Khon Kaen.

After more than two-hours of interrogation both woman refused to confess and denied any knowledge concerning the three-methamphetamine pills, claiming they didn’t know where they came from or how they got in the vehicle. Both women were charged with possession of narcotics carrying class 1 punishment.

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Quick U-turn leaves one man dead

Careless driving leaves more chalk lines on the road

A 30-year-old motorcyclist, identified as Nakhorn Phanom resident Praikaew Srimola was killed on August 11 after colliding with a car making a U-turn on Thepprasit Road.

Praikaew Srimola was killed after his motorcycle slammed into and wedged under a Bangkok car making a U-turn on Thepprasit Road.

The driver of the car, Bangkok resident Warathorn Tawachawajiraporn, age 44, called in the accident and was waiting for police when they arrived with a Sawang Boriboon Rescue Unit. The motorcycle was still wedged underneath the middle of the car. Srimola’s body was laying a few meters away.

Warathorn told police he was making a U-turn when the motorcycle came racing from out of no-where, crashing into the right front corner of the car. Unable to stop, the car ran over the motorcycle, which ended up wedged under the car chassis. Warathorn said he immediately called police thinking the driver of the motorcycle was still alive.

Srimola’s body was transferred to Bang Lamung Hospital until relatives claim it.

Warathorn was taken in for further questioning and to record the information for court proceedings.

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Community drug program results in 2 arrests

Over 1000 yaba pills confiscated

Crime Prevention Volunteers coordinating with Bang Lamung District Chief Vichien Chawalit and Banglamung Police resulted in 2 arrests and 1,005 methamphetamine pills confiscated.

The results of the raid were part of the Bang Lamung District “Drug Free Community” program implemented in June when the Bang Lamung District Chief enlisted help from district officials and community leaders to curb drug-related crime and addiction in local communities.

Sources involved with the Bang Lamung District Crime Prevention Volunteers reported information indicating a house located in Soi Khao Noi, Moo 5, Nong Prue was a base for selling methamphetamines. Bang Lamung District Chief Vichien Chawalit and the volunteers orchestrated a plan of action with the Bang Lamung police.

Two men were arrested with 1,005 methamphetamine pills in their possession. The men were later identified as Tawadchai Daengtip, age 27, and Prasan Ketsarin, age 19, both Bang Lamung residents. Both men confessed to selling the drugs, claiming they obtained the drugs from an undisclosed area in Huay Yai.

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Pattaya reveals AIDS statistics

AIDS Awareness Campaign continues

Since 1986, 3,740 AIDS cases have allegedly been reported in Pattaya, resulting in 498 deaths. Of the overall total, 80% contracted the disease through sexual intercourse, but this was not broken down by type, and 6% through drug related use. An unspecified number of people contracted the disease via vertical transmission from mothers, with the remaining cases coming from unknown causes.

The report also stated that 60% of AIDS victims were laborers, 6% were from professional occupations and over 4% were employed as merchants and vendors. Minors under the age of 18 constitute another 4% of the overall total.

These grim statistics were shown to Lampang Municipal Mayor Weera Loyon Pattaya by City Manager Abhichat Pheudpan and City Environmental and Sanitation Department Director Dr Adirek Chuwanawech.

Manager Abhichat said the current AIDS situation is considered critical, as it continues to spread, which has prompted increased awareness training in local communities.

Pattaya currently has the second highest number of cases on record with 848 compared to 942 cases in Chonburi’s Muang District. Through the continuing AIDS Awareness Campaign, organizers anticipate a decrease in the number of individuals contracting the disease this year.

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Community joins forces to address street kid problem

Late night sweep nets 34 children

A group of concerned leaders from the city combined forces with police on August 17th in an attempt to resolve the growing number of minors roaming Pattaya’s streets at night. The joint forces conducted a sweep and picked up a total of 32 foreigners and 2 Thai minors.

The Pattaya Business and Tourism Association, the Chonburi Assistance Office and city officials have been coordinating action with Mrs. Sopin Thappajug, Associate Judge for the Family Court of Chonburi, to resolve the street children problem in Pattaya. Mrs. Sopin is also in charge of developing the Chonburi Remand Home.

The apprehended group told police they were brought into Pattaya after paying 3,500-4,000 baht to Thai contacts who promised them daily wages of 50 baht for selling flowers, candy and other miscellaneous items in the entertainment areas. They admitted further that at around 6.00 p.m. each evening, Thai men dropped them off in the various entertainment areas, then picked them up during early morning hours, returning them to Soi Ko Phai where they turned over the nightly collection ranging from 300-400 baht each.

The 32 foreigners were turned over to Immigration Police for eventual return to the border, after which they will more than likely return to Pattaya’s streets.

Personal information was recorded on the Thai minors, who were then turned over to their guardians. The guardians were given stern warnings along with an explanation of the law.

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Factory owner donates land and educational funds

80 deserving students to benefit

Mrs. Katim Kuyakanon, owner of the Wised Niyom Factory, donated educational funds to the Ban Sak Ngaew’s Pinjaem School in Bang Lamung’s Huay Yai sub-district to support 80 deserving students from disadvantaged families.

Factory owner Mrs. Katim Kuyakanon presented educational funds and land to support the Pinjaem School. Chonburi Governor Sujarit Pachimnan and the Huay Yai Municipal Mayor were on hand to witness the gracious donations.

Mrs. Katim also donated a portion of land at the school’s entranceway, and another 7-rai of land for the future site of the Huay Yai Municipal Building.

A total of 470 students in secondary grades M-1 to M-6 attend the Pinjaem School. Most of the students come from families engaged in farming or manual labor.

Mrs. Katim made her donations on August 10 during a ceremony celebrating the founding of the school. Chonburi Governor Sujarit Pachimnan presided over the ceremony. The Huay Yai Municipal Mayor also witnessed the gracious donations.

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Pattaya Road Show 2000 put on hold

New local TAT director wants to change focus

Members of the Pattaya Business and Tourism Association (PBTA) recently met to discuss postponing this year’s Pattaya Road Show 2000. The Pattaya Road Show 2000 was headed to Africa, but members decided to reconsider the plan, citing insufficient time to prepare.

The PBTA met recently to discuss plans to promote tourism in Pattaya.

Manit Bunchim, the new director of TAT Region 3 (Pattaya), who has been designated chairman of the Pattaya Public Relations and Marketing Committee reviewing plans to map out new tourism strategy, told the PBTA that he feels Pattaya has much potential to attract more tourism and wants to reconsider the overseas public relations plans, instead focusing on countries where tourist numbers have depleted, such as Japan and Singapore. This would include highlighting tour packages during the low season.

Manit is planning to present his ideas to the city administration and the Thai Hotel Association (Eastern Chapter). His plans include targeting various organizations, such as the Lions Club, where Bangkok is the center of activity, and would eventually like to direct some public relations and marketing schemes towards that area.

PBTA President Surat Mekawarakul said the plan suggests a clearer understanding of tourism development for Pattaya and its future direction. Further discussion is required to confirm the objectives and finalize areas to be targeted for marketing, such as South America, Japan, Europe or elsewhere.

Also being considered is the establishment of a public relations center or network in Pattaya, which is viewed as a more suitable location compared to Bangkok.

A general assembly meeting was scheduled for 18 October.

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Planting trees for the King and Queen

Nong Prue Sub-district Administration Organization (SAO) officials last week organized a reforestation campaign in support of the Queen’s edicts to preserve the environment.

Over 1,200 tree saplings, donated by the Kreuk Garden Nursery, were planted by community members along a three kilometer stretch on both sides of Pornprabhanimit Road, starting from the Vocational Training Center through to the Mabprachan Water Reservoir.

The reforestation campaign was conducted in honor of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 6th Cycle Birthday Celebration and Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s wishes for a nationwide effort to preserve the natural environment.

Bang Lamung District Chief Vichien Chawalit presided over a ceremony at the Nong Prue SAO Development Center on the morning of 8 August prior to planting the trees.

Provincial council members from Bang Lamung Chalerm Ketjae and Paramedsawa Ngamphiches, Chairman of the Nong Prue SAO Mai Chayanit, SAO members, the Nong Prue Wives Committee and students from the Suttawas Temple School participated in the tree planting campaign.

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Novice ceremony held at Suttawad Temple

Nearly every Thai male, regardless of social or economic status, at one point in his life is ordained as a monk, often when he reaches the age of 18 or 20, and usually during the month of July or August, just before the three month rainy season retreat. Most Thais believe that monkhood matures a man and prepares him for life.

This year, 550 Buddhist “novices” entered the monkhood in Banglamung and received training during this Buddhist Lent or “Khao Pansaa”.

This year, 550 Buddhist “novices” entered the monkhood in Banglamung and received training during this Buddhist Lent or “Khao Pansaa”.

The opening ceremony took place at the community center of the Suttawad Temple located in Nong Prue on August 9. The Suttawad Temple Abbot, Phra Khru Wijitrathamasarn, being also the Monk Dean of the District, orchestrated the training along with the Monk Dean of Chonburi, Phra Cholthan Methee.

The three-day training session provides the recently ordained monks with knowledge of the required disciplines and behavioral conduct to follow during the Buddhist Lent period while studying Dharma principles.

In all, there are 913 monks residing at the 43 temples in Bang Lamung, not including the 550 newly ordained monks receiving their training at present. Banglamung is also home to one ancient temple with no monks in residence.

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National Police Officers’ Wives Association visit 21 Homes for the Elderly on Mother’s Day

Members of the National Police Officers’ Wives Association, led by Than Phuying Kitima Durongwibul paid visits to the Bang Lamung Home for the Elderly this past Mother’s Day, 12 August, in honor of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s birthday. The benevolent association donated useful items and brought along entertainment.

(Above) Police officers’ wives visited the Banglamung Home for the Elderly, bringing useful items and providing entertainment on Mother’s Day.

Altogether, the National Police Officers’ Wives Association visited 21 homes, providing assistance to the elderly on Mother’s Day. Members of the association met up with the Provincial Region 2 Police Officers’ Wives Committee, led by Than Phuying Suttiman Chaikhwan at the Bang Lamung Home for the Elderly. Necessity items were donated and an afternoon meal was arranged for the 276 residents at the home.

Construction of the Bang Lamung Home for the Elderly first began in September 1967, with HRH Princess Sri Nagarindra, the Princess Mother, laying the foundation stone. The following year, the home was opened on 13 April 1968.

The Bang Lamung Home accepts people from the age of 60-years and older who are without family members to look after them. The oldest person in residence is said to be 108 years old.

The staff at the home provides for the welfare of the people in residence, including medical services, daily exercise routines, religious ceremonies, and funeral arrangements. The staff feels its main purpose is to impart a pleasant and healthy social environment.

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