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Captainís Corner refurbished and George Sinatra resurrected!

Pattaya Mailís Peter Malhotra (2nd left) congratulates the Ottesen family, Ib (left), Kannikar and Ploy Pailin (2nd right and right) on their grand reopening.

Dr. Iain Corness

The Captainís Corner restaurant, the home of the Grand Texan BBQ for 15 years, reopened last week after a two month refurbishment. While the concept has remained the same (after all, it has always been a very successful formula), the actual venue has been sparkled up, getting it ready for the next 15 years.
The Captainís Mate, Kannikar Ottesen, was her usual bubbly self at the reopening party, which was bubbling along with plenty of alcoholic bubbly as well.
For many long-time diners, it was nostalgic having George Sinatra singing as the background entertainment, and after a couple of hours, his place on the bandstand was then taken by a Ďsounds alikeí BGís cover band, but it was George who was the sentimental favorite of the crowd. Kannikar did say that George would be singing probably around two nights a week, but full details are yet to be worked out.
However, the details for the Grand Texan all-you-can-eat BBQ are as before, including no change in the pricing, still B. 395. This is one of the best bargains in Pattaya, and I am quite sure the old crowd will be there again, to enjoy the new surroundings which are under cover as well.
By the way, if you are a visitor, they have a minibus service to pick you up from any hotel in the Pattaya-Jomtien area and drop you back later, just phone 038 364 314.
The Captainís Corner, 146/107 Thappraya Road, South Pattaya, telephone 038 364 314, email [email protected] .th. Plenty of on-street parking outside. BBQ buffet from 6 p.m.

(L to R) Allan Ottesen (centre) who now runs the business for his mom and dad receives a bouquet from well-wishers.

The Ďsounds alikeí BGís cover band entertains the crowd.

The Corness family (left) along with Peter Malhotra and the Levy family prepare for an evening of good food and fun.

The jubilant crowd dances the night away.

The consummate host, Ib Ottesen mingles with the happy crowd.

Ploy Pailin shows that musical talent certainly runs in the family.

Welcome guests enjoy a sumptuous Grand Texan BBQ.

The Pedersens, Sudasawan, Natasha and Kurt (2nd right) congratulate Ib (center) and Kannikar (right)

Cheers! Hereís to a fabulous night by the pool.

Elvis Presley is Ďall shook upí as he excites the audience into a frenzy.

George Sinatra resurrected at the Captainís Corner.

Jack and Jintana Levy sample the delicious Grand Texan BBQ.

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Captainís Corner refurbished and George Sinatra resurrected!

Three Chambers and a bunch of golfers


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