Thick blankets of fog envelop Nan province as it enters the cold season


NAN, 14 October 2014  As Nan province is entering the cold season, thick blankets of fog in the early mornings are causing visibility problems for motorists.

Nan is considered one of the provinces full of natural tourism locations and unique cultural traditions that attract many tourist groups, especially during the cold season from November to February.

Due to the cold season, thick fog has reduced the visibility level to 50-100 meters in the mornings. Commuters are advised to travel with caution to prevent any accidents from occurring since most of the province’s geographical landscapes are mountainous areas. The huge amount of visitors to the province has also added to the problem, increasing the likelihood of accidents.

As for the weather condition in Nan especially during the night time, temperatures may drop to 16-23 degrees Celsius at mountain tops or high-level areas. During day time, however, the ground-level weather conditions would see temperatures hovering between 24-28 degrees Celsius.