The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) with the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand (RPST) is holding a photo contest with the theme being “Colourful Thai Life”


Objective: This contest aims to publicise images of the enticing characteristics of Thailand from different angles and also, to raise awareness about the Thai lifestyle and the importance of preserving it.


Colourful Thai Life

Photograph format:

The photograph must be in a digital format. It can be a digital image file or a scanned image file from a film camera. Also, it must be in colour. A printed photograph will not be eligible.


The contest is open to anyone regardless of age and gender.

Entry period:

Submission period: 1 May – 30 June 2013

(Deadline for entries is 18.00 Thailand time on 30 June 2013.)

Award and Prizes:

First Prize winner will receive a cash prize of 100,000 THB and a trophy from TAT.

First Runner-up will receive a cash prize of 50,000 THB and a trophy from TAT.

Second Runner-up will receive a cash prize of 30,000 THB and a trophy from TAT.

10 Honorable mentions will each receive a cash prize of 5,000 THB and a certificate from TAT.

Conditions of entry:

The image file must have a high-resolution of no less than 240 dpi and no smaller than 12 x 18 inches (2880 x 4320 pixels).

Photographs can be taken in both digital and film formats. In the case of a film format, it must be transferred to a high-resolution digital image file. Photographs must be taken within 2 years before the contest deadline’s date (30 June 2013). Photographs must be in a landscape format. Portrait, square or panoramic format will not be accepted.

Entrants must complete an entry form with the required information, including your real name (Thai-English), address, telephone number, and e-mail address. Entrants with an incomplete form will be disqualified.

Entrants must submit original photographs taken by them. Submitting someone else’s photograph or submitting it under a different name is prohibited. Those failing to follow the rules will be banned from participating in any of TAT’s and RPST’s contest for 5 years.

Entrants must provide detailed information regarding the location, province and the time the photograph was taken.

The photograph must be in its original composition as when it was captured. Entrants are not allowed to add or remove any of the elements of the original composition. Only cropping, colour-brightness and balance adjustment, and dust removal are allowed. Entrants may submit as many photographs as they want but will be limited to only one prize.

The contest is not open to the committee members of the RPST, contest organisers and photographers of TAT.

Upon submission, TAT has the right to display the photographs at any events and may use the photographs for advertising, publication or anyway deemed promotional to the Tourism Authority of Thailand without any charges.

The judges’ decisions are final. Entrants may not object.

How to submit:

The file must be saved on a Thumb Drive (CD or DVD submission is not accepted) and can be submitted in 3 ways:

Entrants can submit the file themselves at the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand, 2nd. Floor Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Pathumwan Intersection.

Submit via postal mail: “Colourful Thai Life” Photo Contest’ PO Box 80, Samsen Road, Phayathai, Bangkok 10140, Thailand..

Upload the file onto the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand’s website:

For more information:

Please contact directly at Royal Photographic Society of Thailand ; 091-115-7585