Thailand Pavilion at World Expo in Korea popular


BANGKOK, 5 June 2012  – Thai Pavilion has attracted the attention of locals and tourists visiting the Yeosu International Exposition (World Expo) 2012 in South Korea.

This year’s World Expo is centered on the theme of “The Living Ocean and Coast”. The world-class exposition is participated by 106 nations and 10 international organizations, which have gathered to exhibit advanced technologies and ideas on marine and coastal resources management. So far, the World Expo 2012, Yeosu, has welcomed a large number of both local and foreign visitors.

Thailand’s Department of Marine and Coastal Resources revealed that the Thailand Pavilion is created under the concept “Colors of Diversity: Capacity of Thailand”. It said the pavilion has been attracting visitors from around the world.

The event also helps boost tourism industry in Thailand as visitors are captivated by the beauty and complete biodiversity of the Thai coasts and seas, under a sustainable management.

The Thai Pavilion at the Expo 2012, Yeosu, portrays the stories of the Thai seas with graceful designs of foamy waves and the Thai culture. Three leading characters from Thailand’s epic literature, Phra Aphaimani, Sutsakorn with the Dragon-horse, and the Mermaid, serve as the pavilion’s hosts to take visitors on journeys through spectacular seascapes which showcase the richness and beauty of Thailand’s seas. Stories about the Thai-South Korean relationships are also exhibited at the pavilion.

The Expo 2012, Yeosu is held on 25 hectares of land in South Korea’s ocean resort and tourist city of Yeosu and is open to the public during 12 May – 12 August 2012.