TAT unveils Mother’s Day tourism caravan


Ayutthaya Province’s Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) office is set to launch a tourism caravan to religious and historical attractions on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Ayutthaya’s TAT director has revealed the office will be launching the tourism caravan for Mother’s Day “Tour the Old Town, Learn Historical Tales” on 12 August 2016. The promotion will be targeting families who love to travel by car, encouraging families to engage in activities together and boost tourism within Ayutthaya Province.

The tour will start from Bangkok at Siam Niramit Theater, and will be visiting historical and religious attractions in Ayutthaya Province. Participants will also be treated to an authentic cuisine from the Old Kingdom of Ayutthaya.

Interested individuals can book this tour by calling Ayutthaya TAT Office at the number 0 35 24 6076 – 7.