Suvarnabhumi Toilets Rejigged to Showcase ‘Thainess’


As a leading airport in the region, Suvarnabhumi Airport continues to renew its facilities in hopes of catering to the needs of a larger group of travellers in the near future.

With the idea of creating a lasting impression on airport users beyond the various extravagant duty-free shops, restaurants, and bars, Airports of Thailand (AOT) and Siam Cement (SCG) have joined hands to spruce up toilets inside the passenger terminals. Serving up to 150,000 passengers a day from all parts of the world, this plan has been launched as a means to further improve Thailand’s image as a nation with a great consciousness for service.

In line with the growing need to construct energy-saving designs, there has been an emphasis on the concept of ‘The Seven Wonders of Thailand’, incorporating special interior designs within the toilets to resemble their messages.

Seven toilets in the airport have been chosen for the ‘wonders’ of renovation. The themes are River of Life, Festival, Move Around, Happy Moment, Street Life, Flower Market and Sea Sight.

The River of Life theme is designed to reflect the interconnectedness of the Thai lifestyle with the river. With proper ventilation systems designed seamlessly with beautiful wood crafts, the rooms are further equipped with technological touches. LED screens have been hung on the windows to allow this river-house design to present a panoramic view of the Chao Phraya riverbanks.

The other completed theme is known as the Street Life, with modern blends of architectural designs to reflect the cosmopolitan lifestyles of the city. With special emphasis on black, white and graphic touches, the revamped toilets represent modernity.

Very comfortable, very clean, very fresh, very modern. All new, yeah very nice,” said Sean McRobert, tourist.

The Seven Wonders Themed facilities will be completed by July.

On the other hand, Wilaiwan Nadwilai, AOT director, claims that the management recognises the need to increase the amount of toilets around the airport, with further plans to construct more toilets as well as to fully renovate all existing ones.

“Even though we can renovate all the toilets and make them beautiful, it would be meaningless if the sub-structure does not welcome it. Future problems would occur all the time, which is definitely not what we want. Therefore, we have to gradually improve all the facilities,” said the AOT director.

With plans to renovate all 124 toilets, consisting of 1,109 cubicles, budget of up to 347 million baht is required.  On the other hand, toilets for persons with disabilities and for parents looking for a place to change diapers for their babies have also been improved to provide easy access to travellers. Six of them are available on the departure level while just one is added to the arrival floor, all of which will be completed by 2016. (MCOT online news)


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