New Year celebrants start leaving Bangkok


BANGKOK, Dec 29 –  Many New Year travellers started leaving the capital by train and bus over the weekend as Hua Lamphong, the capital’s main railway station, and the Mo Chit and southern bus terminal, are doing brisk business. 

State Railway of Thailand (SRT) officials said they had projected that more than 20,000 train passengers would leave Bangkok on Sunday, compared to over 23,000 passengers on Saturday.

SRT estimates that its ticket sales, excluding revenue earned from advance ticket bookings, would be Bt1.6 million.

Railway officials expected more passengers would leave Bangkok today and tomorrow to celebrate the New Year holidays.

Similarly Mo Chit and the southern bus terminal are crowded with people boarding buses for the provinces. The state-operated Transport Company. said 292,320 passengers travelled by bus on the weekend.

The company said it believed most bus passengers would travel on Tuesday, with more than 100,000 persons traveling tomorrow.

The Transport Company estimates that more than one million passengers will travel by bus during the New Year holidays, almost the same number as last year.