Charming Hinterland on Display


Two northeastern native artists Ruangsak Patthawaro and Boonnum Sasood showcase their beautiful artwork, with over 80 unique pieces depicting life in Thailand’s hinterland.

Titled as the Sawan Baan Na exhibition, it aims to illustrate the world of happiness beyond the context of everyday modern city life.

“The fact that we both grew up from poor families and are from villages outside the capital has always been a factor that inspired us to illustrate through these canvasses the beauty of life, culture and tradition in remote areas. We want to show that amid the underdeveloped nature of the area, there is plenty of charm that we both would like to share with people in Bangkok,” Ruangsak said.

Although both styles resemble life and tradition, the techniques used by both artists are seemingly different. Ruangsak paints scenery, and Boonnum focuses on stencil art in creating images with depths and angles.

“I use oil paint and stencil technique to draw. I use this technique to dab tiny dots everywhere to create texture as well as dimension. In the past, I did not focus so much on colours, but today, I rely on colours to help create illusion and depth,” Boonnum explained.

From today through Sunday January 20th, visit the exhibition at Jamjuree Art Gallery to view for yourselves, the charming life in Thailand’s hinterland.