Bangkok ranked 3rd among world’s most popular cities


Disregarding the ongoing political conflicts, some good news has recently been reported on Thailand’s capital, Bangkok —ranking the City of Angels third among the world’s most popular cities for travelers.

Euro Monitor reported that the most traveled to city in the world in 2012 was Hong Kong — with 24 million visitors in the mentioned year. The second, with 21 million visitors, goes to Singapore; and Thailand came in third with 16 million visitors. London was ranked fourth; Kuala Lumpur fifth; and Paris being placed at tenth.

An interesting fact about Bangkok’s empirical statistics was the substantial growth in its visiting tourists — having an increase of 14% from 2011 in comparison with other top world destination cities that reported less than 10% growth in their tourist visits.

Euro Monitor reported that Hong Kong topped the world’s travel list due to its popularity among mainland Chinese travelers. Singapore and Bangkok were also reported to have the most travelers from mainland China.