Bangkok Airways introduces Airline Mascots to tackle youth target


Bangkok Airways introduces the airline’s 5 cartoon mascots to tackle the target group of kids and teens. These 5 mascots will further be developed as products and later created as cartoon animated series to air in Bangkok Airways’ in-flight entertainment and lounges.

Capt. Puttipong Prasarttong-Osoth, Bangkok Airways’ president said, “We came up with an idea to have the mascots because we want to expand our target base focusing at a younger target group. These 5 characters are designed from our actual aircrafts in service using colors and designs that please children.”

Each mascot will have his and her unique characters; “Sky” is active, confident, lively and fast. “Sunshine” is joyful, humble and cute, “Rocky” is reserved, strong and warm, “Windy” is playful, courteous and talkative and “Daisy” is naughty and playful.

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