Bangkok Airways debuts new uniforms


Bangkok Airways launched new and stylish uniforms at the Bangkok International Fashion Week 2011 (BIFW2011), Siam Paragon.

M.L. Nandhika Varavarn, Bangkok Airways vice president, Corporate Communications said, “We are delighted to support Thai designers and Bangkok International Fashion Week this year. After having seen many successes of Thai designers, we decided to engage Polpat Asavaprapha, owner of ASAVA and ASV brand, to create a new look since the current uniform has been in use for  almost 20 years. The new collection will be officially launched at BIFW2011.

Management and staff show off the new uniforms. Management and staff show off the new uniforms.

“This is very exciting and interesting. The concept of new uniform will emphasize our position as ‘Boutique Airline’ and ‘Shades of Blue’ shows our color identity. The new uniforms, specially designed for 1,200 front line staff in reservation, ground services and in-flight services are not only modern in style but also comfortable to wear,” added M.L. Nandhika.

Polpat Asavaprapha explained that, “Before designing the uniforms, I needed to find what are the identities of Bangkok Airways. Blue stripes painted on the aircraft is one of the carrier’s identities. I then created (a) stripe pattern with shades of blue and turquoise. Silk-Poly fabric has been chosen to give a feeling of lightness and comfort to the person wearing it. Uniform for men, in grey and blue with painted cobalt stripes on the shirt emphasizes luxury, smart and informal look. This is to express the identity as a leisure airline.

“To design clothes, apart from consideration of era and time, we also think about staff who wear the uniform and their work. For flight-attendants who have to be quick and smart, we decided to use culottes, which will look modern and flexible,” Polpat added.