Airports ready for extra flights during Thai New Year festival


Thailand’s airports are preparing to serve more flights during the 10-day Songkran Thai traditional new year with heightened security, said Airports of Thailand (AoT) President Anirut Thanomkulbutr.

From April 9-18, many airlines asked for more flights, particularly at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi and Phuket International airports.

AoT has prepared facilities and security to serve a greater number of flights around the clock during this long holiday, he said.

The agency assigned more staff to help passengers to ensure no delay in baggage claims.

It has also cooperated with airport transportation providers to have sufficient vehicles to serve the higher number of passengers.

The AoT president said Suvarnabhumi Airport will have some 9,437 more flights – 6,795 international flights and 2,642 domestic flights – during the ten-day period with an increased passenger load of about 1.7 million travelers.

Phuket International Airport will have 124 additional flights and more than 27,288 passengers while Chiang Mai Airport will see 16 additional flights with an increase of 4,088 passengers.

Religious activities will be held at all airports with special areas to facilitate passengers who want to sprinkling water on Buddha images for good luck and jasmine garlands will be given to passengers.

AoT has stepped up security measures, to check unattended baggage and carry-on luggage. No vehicles will be allowed to park at passenger buildings and vehicles entering airport car parking lots will be examined, said Anirut.

Security at Thai airports remains at level three from its highest level of four. Police and soldiers are manning checkpoints along the route to Hat Yai Airport following the deadly car bombing of a hotel last month.