31 couples to be married at 18th underwater wedding festival in Trang


TRANG, 5 February 2014  Trang province will soon hold this year’s underwater wedding festival, the 18th of its kind. 

Somsak Parisuttho Hemmanon, the governor of Trang province, announced the holding of the underwater wedding festival on Tuesday. The events will take place between the 10th and 12th this month, and will be participated by 31 couples from Thailand and abroad.

The underwater wedding festival in Trang has become world renown, and is being held for the 18th time this year. Couples will dive in the Andaman Sea off the coast of Trang province to conduct registration of their marriage underwater. Before the diving, the wedding procession based on Thai tradition will be held. The bride and groom will don Traditional Thai garments, Khan Mak engagement ceremony will be conducted, during which water will be poured onto the hands of the couple, and sticky rice will be served to the couple in the belief of making their love ‘stick’ or long-lasting.