Young hoodlums fight over their territories



Police were called to Banglamung hospital after Sawang Boriboon foundation personnel and paramedics transferred many young Thai men who suffering from knife wounds from a fight in Soi Nongketyai, Nong Pla Lai district.


Amongst the injured were two who were in a critical situation. One had received a wide slash on his right thigh and the other one had been stabbed in his abdomen and his head was covered in blood from an open wound.

One of the gang is treated at the hospitalOne of the gang is treated at the hospital

Witnesses stated that they saw two groups of hot blooded young men attacking each other with all kinds of weapons such as wooden sticks and knives.

Police believed the two gangs wanted to prove they were the actual godfathers of the streets.

Officers gathered all the evidence and will perform a thorough interrogation with the injured men once they have recovered.