Yingluck: New govt to improve foreign relations


BANGKOK, 19 July 2011 – Incoming Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has indicated that the new government will focus on improving international relations, especially with Cambodia while the new foreign minister should have good relationship with the neighbouring nation.

Asked to comment on the Thai-Cambodian issue, Ms Yingluck stated that she will have to study details of the temporary injunction pronounced by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordering withdrawals of the Thai and Cambodian troops from the disputed Preah Vihear Temple zone.

The incoming prime minister noted that it is important to restore healthy foreign relations. She said the person who will take the helm of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be good in coordination to benefit biliateral relations, but she said the figure is yet to be selected after the new government is formed.

Regarding the consideration of her MP status by the Election Commission (EC) today, Ms Yingluck told the press that the EC so far has not yet summoned her to give additional information, and that she heard the EC already has complete information in hand.

Asked if the EC will endorse her MP status within today or not, the incoming prime minister refused to answer but said that she does not want to pressure the EC and will wait for the result. She expressed her confidence that she has done nothing wrong, and the EC will be fair to her.