Yellow shirt sales on the rise in all areas as December 5 draws near


BANGKOK, 2 December 2014 – Yellow shirt sales are on the rise in all areas of the country as members of the public switch to wearing yellow as December 5 draws near.

In Krabi, clothes retailers in the city area are seeing improved sales on all kinds of yellow shirts. Yellow shirts available include the t-shirt type and the polo type. Both types are available with and without screenings of the commemorative emblem or messages about His Majesty the King. Most customers are buying at least two shirts, which cost 150-200 baht each.

In Narathiwat, people are also shopping for yellow shirts. Civil servants and other employees at state agencies were seen wearing yellow shirts to work on Monday. The public sector workers said they would wear yellow shirts throughout December.

In Bung Kan, provincial governor Phongsak Prichawit led representatives from the provincial offices of various state agencies in singing the national anthem at the city hall, after which the representatives signed their names in the well-wishing book for His Majesty the King.

In Phitsanulok, several merchants at a market in Mueang district have reportedly switched to selling yellow shirts instead of their usual merchandise because of the heightened demand from buyers. Some of the shops are selling more than 100 shirts each day.