Yala holds a seminar on domestic violence prevention


YALA, 28 June 2015, (NNT) – Yala Technological Business Administration College and the provincial administration of Yala on Saturday kicked off a seminar on domestic violence prevention.

According to the organizers, the event aims at equipping children and women with knowledge to protect themselves from violence, educating them on the punishment terms and legal protection from crime, while creating a network of anti-domestic violence in the area.

Attending the seminar were 131 students, parents and interested members of the public.

Domestic violence has long been a silent and growing threat to the livelihood of children and women across the kingdom. Statistics provided by the Royal Thai Police and the Friend of Women Foundation showed close male acquaintances and family members formed the majority of predators violating women’s rights. Those offenders committed unwanted harassment in physical, mental, verbal and sexual forms.