Yala bomb kills one police officer, wounds six others


YALA, June 19 – A bombing here killed one police officer and wounded six others while they were on routine patrol on Tuesday night.

Tires were burnt and tripod spikes were thrown on the road leading to the site of the bombing, to obstruct the arrival of assistance. Seven injured police officers were rushed to hospital.

Krongpinang police station deputy investigations inspector Sama-ae Luemae was pronounced dead at hospital.

The buried bomb left a crater two metres wide and one metre deep, and the police vehicle was destroyed.

Initially, police believed the incident to be the work of an insurgent group led by Aba Jeh-ali, active in the area and allegedly involved in earlier attacks including a bus bombing and a shooting of fruit traders in Krongpinang district.

In Yaha district, tires were burnt on roads at three locations and a tree was felled across a road in separate disturbances in this southern province on Tuesday night.