Wreath-laying in remembrance of fallen Thai soldiers in Korean War


BANGKOK, 23 October 2014 – His Majesty the King on October 22 designated Air Chief Marshal Chalit Pukbhasuk, a Privy Councilor, to represent him at the wreath laying ceremony to commemorate the Korean War Veterans Day.

The ceremony was held at the Monument of Korean War Veterans situated at the Nawamintharajini Camp of the 21st Infantry Division of Her Majesty the Queen’s royal guards in Chon Buri Province.

Also laying wreaths on the day were the Deputy Governor of Chonburi, the Commanding General of the 14th Military Circle of the Royal Thai Army, the Korean Ambassador to Thailand, representatives of soldiers who had participated in the Korean War and heads of various government units.

Thailand, as a United Nations member, was the first country to respond to the UN call for members’ assistance in repelling North Korean forces which invaded South Korea in June 1950. Thai troops were sent to South Korea on October 22, the same year. The date has therefore been observed as the Korean War Veterans Day for Thailand.

During the three years leading to the armistice in 1953, a total of 136 Thai soldiers had been killed. They were broken down into 130 officers from the Army, four from the Navy and two from the Air Force.