Water shortages in Thailand less severe now due to rainfall


BANGKOK, 28 July 2015 – The Ministry of Interior has said water shortages in Thailand have become less severe thanks to the recent rainfalls.

Interior Minister General Anupong Paojinda said water levels in various dams have gradually increased following weeks of precipitation.

He said the situation will gradually improve as more rain has been predicted for next month. More water will also be released to revive parched farmlands.

The minister added that the career program would remain in place for farmers, in line with the cabinet’s resolution.

He also cited the need for Thailand to have an additional dam, but more importantly, he claimed, the public need to understand how necessary it is now to build Mae Wong dam.

In the meantime, the Royal Irrigation Department is urging the government to wield its power through Article 44 of the interim constitution, authorizing the construction of the dam through section 44

Meanwhile, Advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Air Chief Marshal Boonrit Kerdsook paid a visit to Bungkan province to observe the water management project in Siwilai district and to boost morale of the soldiers helping to repair roads and improve waterways.