Water level in Mekong River remains low


Bangkok – The water level in the Mekong River remains low and operators of small boats on the river are being forced to steer their vessels cautiously.

Chiang Rai Governor Narongsak Osotthanakon, led a group of officials from related agencies to inspect the situation in the Mekong River on Monday. The check showed water levels stood at between 2.00 meters and 2.30 meters.  However, the current level is higher than last week, when the water level was below 2.00 meters and several cargo ships and commuter boats reportedly hit sand dunes where the water was not deep enough to allow them to pass through the shallows.

The situation has forced Thai authorities to ask China to release water from its dams up river to raise the water level.

Narongsak hopes that at least the present water level can be maintained so that most boats, and cargo ships carrying loads at least 25 percent less than normal, are able to make their way along the river.

Chiang Rai City Hall will continue monitoring the situation and remains on stand-by to work with the Chinese authorities whose dams control the level of water in the river.