Volunteers to serve at Royal Coronation


Bangkok – The royally initiated “Jit-Arsa” volunteer project is enlisting both new and specialized volunteers to take part in activities to celebrate His Majesty the King’s coronation this year.

Volunteer registration is open on April 8 and 9 at the principle temple in each province where the water-consecration ceremony will be organized.

The volunteer activities are divided into seven categories, comprising security and traffic management, public health, transportation, service and support, exhibitions and ceremonial procedures, public works, and activities related to the royal project.

The general public and agencies who are not “Jit-Arsa” members can sign up at 878 district registration offices nationwide and 80 Bangkok district offices during normal working hours, on weekdays.

Public members can also sign up at www.khonthai.com/Jitarsa and www.bora.dopa.go.th/Jitarsa.