Vocational students in Buriram repair and build new playgrounds


BURIRAM, 9 June 2015 – Students from the welding club of Buriram Polytechnic College have been tasked under the “Vocational Volunteers Recreate Old Playgrounds” program with repairing old playgrounds and building new ones for brain-based learning (BBL).

Over ten volunteer students have been building a brain-based learning playground, while also performing maintenance on other school playgrounds in the province.

Buriram schools wish to provide children with a BBL playground, so they can exercise every morning for 15-20 minutes before classes. BBL advocates children moving their bodies to improve learning skills. However, BBL playground equipment must be made-to-order, which is prohibitive to the Buriram education budget.

According to the Deputy Director of Buriram Polytechnic College, the “Vocational Volunteers Recreate Old Playgrounds” program aims to see students make good use of their free time and encourage them to become generous, make sacrifices and do good deeds for society.

Apart from giving hands-on vocational experience, the college seeks to instill morality and a sense of social responsibility, in order to foster a good image of vocational students.