Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City Press Association visits Udon Thani


UDON THANI, 6 Jan 2015 – Representatives from the Ho Chi Minh City Press Association yesterday visited the northeastern Province of Udon Thani, as part of the Thai-Vietnamese press exchange program.

The Udon Thani Provincial Administration gave a briefing on overall situation of the province to the 21-member delegation led by Vice President of the Association Ma Dieu Cuong. The delegation includes members of the Vietnamese press such as newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, and online media.

According to the Provincial Press Association of Thailand, the exchange program aims at tightening the ties between the two nations’ members of the press. He added that the 21 representatives, who have been selected from 17 Vietnamese governmental media units in Ho Chi Minh City, are visiting Thailand from 5-10 January.

Their schedule includes a visit to Udon Thani’s famous Uncle Ho’s House, Red Lotus Sea, and the Nakha textile market.