Upper North expected to be lashed by another monsoon until next week


CHIANGMAI, 13 September 2011 -Northern Meteorology Department said heavy rains could be expected in the upper part of the region until 17 September 2011 due to a monsoon. Residents in the low lying areas or near the river should remain vigil.

The monsoon is expected to move southward to the lower part and to the Central Plains of the country. According to the forecast, the monsoon will cause heavy rains which could lead to flashfloods and mudslides in vulnerable areas.

The Northern region will be dryer in mid October, according to the Meteorology Department. The amount of rains in the North has been recorded at 93% so far from the entire year of rainfalls while it was 10-20% less last year. It is said that heavy rains are the result of La Nina.