Two killed, 40 wounded, Yala bombings


YALA, Oct 26 – Two persons were killed and over 40 others were wounded in a dozen bombings yesterday in the southern border province of Yala.

It was the seventh anniversary of the Tak Bak incident of 2004, marked by 12 bombings in Yala municipality.

The first bombing took place at the market around 7pm, killing two persons, followed by other bombings almost simultaneously in nearby areas including the Park View Hotel parking lot, restaurants, near the Rama Café nightclub, an education office, a stationery shop, and a school.

Yala governor Kritsada Boonrach said government personnel defused explosive devices at about ten locations.

The incidents took place on Tuesday (Oct 25), which marked the seventh anniversary of the Tak Bai incident in the neighbouring province of Narathiwat, in which at least 78 people suffocated to death in detention while they were packed in military trucks carrying them from Tak Bai police station in Narathiwat to a military camp in Pattani.

They were detained after the officials dispersed the crowd gathering at Tak Bai police station on Oct 25, 2004 protesting the arrests of six presumed insurgents, who were detained at the police station.