Transport Operators Association to reduce bus fare by 2 satang per km


BANGKOK, 23 Dec 2014, The Thai Transportation Operators Association has agreed to reduce its bus fare rate by two satang per kilometer, while proposing that the government find measures to help compensate for their loss of passengers. 

Director General of the Department of Land Transport Theerapong Rodprasert yesterday met with president of the association Sujinda Cherdchai on the possibility of reducing the fare rate, after petrol prices have significantly dropped.

Ms. Sujinda agreed to take 2 satang per km off the current bus fare; however, she proposed that the government help compensate for the loss of passengers as a result of tough competition from low cost airlines and van services. One such a measure could be the reduction of the minimum number of service trips to match the demand.

Ms. Sujinda also said that the price reduction would likely take effect after the New Year holidays, thanks to the lengthy process of bus schedule adjustment.

Director-General Theerapong said he would present the meeting results to the Transport Ministry today for consideration.