Transport Ministry allocates 3.9 billion baht to repair damaged highways


BANGKOK, 10 October 2014 The Transport Ministry has allocated around 370 million baht out of the total 3.9 billion in order to repair community highways that have been damaged by natural disasters.

Air Chief Marshal Prajin Juntong, in his capacity as the Transport Minister, stated the project was done to comply with the requests of local residents who have been facing problems while traveling. The ministry is set to revamp a total of 72 community highways that have been affected by natural disasters such as floods and by the recent Chiang Rai Earthquake in May.

He also ordered that the project must be carried out transparently and have a good management system to ensure the best results.

Regarding other transport-related projects in 2015, the ministry is mulling over to expand several highway routes throughout the country at a total budget of 40 billion baht.


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