Transport Co. to expand services to ASEAN tourism


BANGKOK,(NNT) – The Ministry of Transport has instructed The Transport Company to boost its competitiveness by expanding its services to include regional tourism and logistics.

Thailand News 12-03-17 NNT 2 Transport Co. to expand services to ASEAN tourism 1

Deputy Transport Minister Pichit Akrathit has delivered an urgent policy aimed at revamping cost management by The Transport Company. The Ministry of Transport plans to raise the company’s revenue by at least 10% with such activities as introduction of trips to nearby countries and promotion of the company’s logistics service.

The Transport Company is launching 55 mini-buses to run on 13 routes starting on 1st July, to encourage public van operators to switch to mini-buses. The Ministry of Transport will offer incentives, including access to credits, to van operators who agree to replace their vehicles with larger ones.

The company is also to work on a plan enabling van operators to form a corporate body or a co-op so that the government can oversee their operation more closely and enhance the safety of passengers. After a corporate body or co-op has been set up, The Transport Company will have to limit their management to bus terminals and inter-provincial buses.