Trang warns of dengue risk following increasing casualties


Trang – Public health officials in the southern province of Trang have warned the general public about the spread of dengue fever following an increase in fatality rates this year.

Public health official Banjerd Sukpipatpanon said this year’s mortality rates due to dengue have doubled in the central and southern regions at 0.25 and 0.26 percent respectively, although the rainy season has yet to arrive.

Members of the public are encouraged to eliminate breeding grounds of mosquitoes by tidying up their houses and ensuring there are no open air containers with water where mosquitoes can lay their eggs. This will also help prevent the spread of other diseases such as Zika virus and Chikungunya fever.

Persons exhibiting symptoms of dengue fever, such as sudden high fever, muscle fatigue, blushing face and red eyes, rashes under the skin on arms, legs, or joints, should seek medical attention. More information about the disease is also available by calling the 1422 hotline service.