Train services to Sungai Kolok resume on June 1


BANGKOK, 27 May 2014  – Thailand’s south-bound trains are set to resume service on June 1, following bomb attacks in Narathiwat earlier this month. 

Southern train services have been terminating at Tanyongmas, isolating Sungai Kolok, after explosions damaged two railway bridges in Narathiwat.

Hat Yai railway office has made known that repair work has been carried out on the damaged rail tracks and is nearing completion. Trains are expected to resume terminating at Sungai Kolok, from the beginning of June.

The office said passenger safety also needs to be guaranteed before the service can resume. Talks will be held with relevant security agencies to tighten monitoring in the area.

The train office in Tanyongmas also suggests that overall the revenue collection has not been severely impacted by the limiting of services. However, outlays stemming from bearing the cost of advance train tickets bought for Sungai Kolok now amount to 100,000 baht.