Tourists in Pattaya urged not to give money to beggars


BANGKOK – Social Development and Human Security Minister Pol. Gen. Adul Saengsingkeaw visited Pattaya City to raised awareness about the 2016 Beggar Control Act, in order to manage panhandling in the city.

During his visit to the walking street, Pol. Gen. Adul also signed an agreement with Mayor of Pattaya City Itthipol Khumpluem. Under the agreement, the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security will work together with Pattaya City to educate tourists and city dwellers not to encourage panhandling by giving money to beggars.

Street begging is closely linked with the issue of human trafficking. The minister said the 2016 Beggar Control Act is an important framework for legal action against human traffickers that force people to beg on the streets.

The law is also expected to improve the image of the Thai tourism industry. More than 4,000 beggars have so far been detained, most of whom came from neighboring countries. People are encouraged to notify the One-Stop Crisis Center through its hotline 1330, if they see homeless people or beggars roaming the streets.