Tourists flock to red lotus lake in Nong Khai


Nong Khai – A large number of tourists are currently spending their free time enjoying the beautiful sight of the popular Wang Bua Daeng lotus lake in the northeastern province of Nong Khai.

Villagers in Nong Bo village, Pa Kho subdistrict, have built a pontoon to allow tourists to take photographs and have a closer look at the blooming lotuses. Boat sightseeing tours are also available for those wishing to sail around the lake.

The famous Wang Bua Daeng lotus lake covers an area of more than 2,600 rais in two sub-districts of Nong Khai.  It is located just 16 kilometers from the provincial capital.

The number of visitors is expected to remain high as the red lotuses stay fully in bloom during this winter season.