Tourism Police spearheads safety measures for the upcoming Songkran Festival


BANGKOK, 1 April 2014- The Commander of the Tourism Police has announced that he is ready to set forward safety plans for the upcoming Songkran Festival. 

Police Major General Apichai Thi-amat, the Commander of the Tourism Police, stated that he is ready to implement measures to ensure the safety of all travelers for the upcoming Songkran Festival. The police commander said he has deployed a team of officers to monitor tourist sites and at venues where the Songkran Festival would be held.

He is also finding ways to provide convenience for foreigners who would be attending the festival by sending in a few public relations officers to help them better understand about Thai culture. The police chief is also launching a campaign against alcohol in order to prevent possible accidents and to reduce crime.

Besides that, the police commander says he is unconcerned whether there would be any rioters among the crowd to stir-up violence within the tourist sites. Nonetheless, he has instructed his team of officers to scrutinize the areas in a stringent manner.