To Be Number One Friends’ Corner opened in Thoen District, Lampang


BANGKOK, 24 December 2014 – Princess Ubolratana, the eldest daughter of Their Majesties the King and Queen, yesterday opened another To Be Number One Club’s Friends Corner, at Thoen Witthaya School in Thoen District, Lampang Province.

The To Be Number One Club in Thoen Witthaya School has been set up since 2007 with an aim to reduce drug abuse among teenagers. The project has been successfully operated and was awarded this year as the To Be Number One School with the most outstanding achievements at the national level.

The To Be Number One Friends’ Corner which was officially opened on the day has 30 volunteers to provide consultations to members who are facing difficulties or in distress. The advice is intended to make them realize they can be the best without drug involvement, in pursuit of the To Be Number One’s goal to deter youngsters from experimenting with drugs. More than 300 people have already sought advice at the center this year.

Lampang Province has accepted the Princess’s To Be Number One concept for implementation since 2003, making it an important agenda of the province. It has established the ‘To Be Number One District’ as a center to introduce the project to educational instutions and industrial workplace. At present Lampang has 1,123 To Be Number One Clubs, 62 Friends’ Corner with nearly 170,000 people aged between 6 and 24 as members.

During her visit, the Princess also granted an audience to 30 teenagers who used to be drug addicts and their guardians, providing royal advice aimed at encouraging them to quit drugs for good.