Three killed in Trang floods


TRANG, Nov 24 Three persons were confirmed dead from the floods now hitting the southern province of Trang while six districts have been declared disaster zones.

Floods killed three persons in Ratsada and Kantang districts.

Currently, Trang governor Somsak Parisuttho Hemthanon declared flood disaster zones in six districts— the provincial seat, Na Yong, Huai Yot, Ratsada, Yan Ta Khao and Kantang. He expected the flooding would ease soon as there have been no more rains since last night.

Amnuay Chatarat, provincial disaster response chief, said that floodwater has spread to the six districts and affected about 10,000 villagers.

In Surat Thani, heavy forest run-off from mountains in Kaeng Krung National Park and Tai Rom Yen National Park flooded Tha Chana, Chaiya and Kanchanadit districts with some 2,000 households being affected.

The floodwater overflowed into Wat Phra Borommathat Chaiya Ratchaworawihan, the most revered temple in Surat Thani, with about 70-centimetre deep water.

Meanwhile, 21 districts of Nakhon Si Thammarat have been designated disaster zones.

Jessada Wattananurak, chief of the provincial disaster prevention and mitigation office, said that over 120,000 residents in the 21 districts have been suffered while the cost of damages is estimated at around Bt120 million.

However, there are two districts–Khanom and Tham Phannara–which are free from floods so far, he said.

Regarding the situation which a landslide blocked rail tracks at a Cha-uat railway station yesterday, Mr Jessada said that the rail tracks have already been cleared and repaired since last night.

However, rail services are currently only operating for local rail travel.