Three bombings in Narathiwat, two paramilitary rangers killed


NARATHIWAT, April 7 – Three bombings in Narathiwat have been reported Sunday, killing two paramilitary rangers and wounding six others.

The first bomb went off on Jaru-satian Road in Cho Ai Rong district when seven officials of the bomb squad were travelling to inspect the site of Saturday’s bombing in Sungaipadi district. Four soldiers were wounded and rushed to Cho Ai Rong Hospital.

In another separate incident, two paramilitary rangers were killed in a bombing and shooting ambush.

Two officials were riding a motorcycle in Rangae district when a roadside bomb exploded and an unknown number of attackers subsequently shot them before making off with their M-16 and AK-47 assault rifles.

In Rueso district, two soldiers were reportedly wounded in a separate bombing attack.The remote-controlled bomb exploded as eight soldiers were patrolling a route in Rueso district.

Two paramilitary personnel were severely wounded and rushed to the hospital.