The Northeastern Women’s Empowerment Fund, to address female related issues


NAKHONPHANOM, 16 April 2015, The Northeastern Women’s Empowerment Fund is to address female related issues and improve the overall living conditions of women in the region.

President of the fund, Sujinda Sriworakhan, said that the agency is responsible for developing women’s role in the region’s 20 provinces. She claimed that the organization’s works have so far progressed smoothly with all sides contributing to the effort, resulting in an improvement in the quality of life of the local women.

The agency provides financial aide to female members of the community, giving them a chance to make a career, by offering for sale, value added products such as local garments and dried pork, and the famous souvenirs of Nakhonphanom, Sakolnakhon and Loie.

Ms Sujinda said the problems in the region are similar to those in other regions, which are teenage pregnancy and narcotics. She said the agency had already dispatched officials to educate local teens in life matters, adding that it would work with other related units to eliminate regional problems.