The Amazing International Flower Festival kicks off in Khon Kaen


KHON KAEN,(NNT)-The Amazing International Flower Festival has already kicked off in Khon Kaen. The event displays a wide variety of winter and tropical flowers for flora lovers to enjoy.

The festival is located at Bung Thung Sang Park. Tourists are both locals and people from nearby provinces. Black tulips appear to be the highlight of the event. It is the third time for the event organizer to bring these exotic flowers to the festival.

The plants are expected to bloom during the New Year holidays. Mayor of Khon Kaen Municipality Theerasak Theekayuphan said there are a high number of tourists coming to the festival as many people have returned to the province to visit their families and join a countdown. The Amazing International Flower Festival at Bung Thung Sang Park will continue until January 3rd.