Tham Luang Cave 13 give second interview since rescue


Bangkok, 6th September 2018  – Members of the Moo Pa Academy youth football team who were rescued from Tham Luang Cave in Chiang Rai this year have spoken to the public for a second time since emerging, at an exhibition on the operation to save their lives, thanking all those from across the globe who contributed to their rescue and gave them such strong support.

Phra Ekkapol or Coach Ek of the youth football team explained that to keep the 12 lads alive during their ordeal, he encouraged them to be mindful. He instructed the boys to quickly find a drinkable water source before leading them in meditation to keep them calm and their minds off their hunger. He said he told the youths to remain united and to maintain hope they would be rescued.

Adul, who was chosen to represent the group, remarked that they all felt gratitude towards the benevolence of His Majesty the King, who has provided them with constant assistance. He also thanked all the rescuers who devoted their skills and energy to the operation.

The boys said they have been living normally since the ordeal and have continued to receive physical therapy. They regularly bicycle up to 13 kilometers and go on runs to build up their strength. They mentioned the nine days they spent as monks after emerging, saying they were able to study Buddhist teachings and improve their discipline and mental control.

October 10, 2018 is when the team members will pass the three month observation period imposed by doctors. They will be allowed to engage in interviews with the media after that date under the supervision of psychologists.

The Fine Arts Department under the Bureau of the National Archives is to document the event in Thai, English and Mandarin Chinese. The documentation is expected to take two months.