Thais participate in ceremony marking Asanha Bucha Day at Phutthamonthon


NAKHON PATHOM, 30 July 2015 – Devout Buddhists from all walks of life have gathered at Phutthamonthon Buddhist Park in Nakhon Pathom province in order to conduct religious activities on the occasion of Asanha Bucha Day.

In the late afternoon today, concerned officials, including Minister to the Prime Minister’s Office Suwaphan Tanyuwattana, the director of the Office of National Buddhism and the governor of Nakhon Pathom, as well as civil servants, students and members of the general public came together at Phutthamonthon Buddhist Park in observance of Asanha Bucha Day.

On this occasion, Their Majesties the King and Queen have designated Privy Councilor Ampol Senanarong to preside over the ceremony. Upon arrival at the venue, he proceeded to the ceremonial ground and lit candles and joss sticks to pay respects to the Triple Gems before listening to sermons chanted by His Holiness Somdet Phramaharatchamangkhlachan, Acting Supreme Patriarch of Thailand.

Afterwards, Mr Ampol performed the clockwise circumambulation around the Principal Buddha Statue of Phutthamonthon three times. He also presented necessities to Buddhist monks and poured consecrated water to end the ceremony before his departure.

Asanha Bucha Day is the day the Lord Buddha delivered his first sermon to his disciples following his enlightenment. It falls on the full moon day of the eighth lunar month and precedes the beginning of the Buddhist Lent.