Thailand’s dengue patients reach 26,000; 33 deaths recorded this year


BANGKOK, May 2 – So far this year, there have been 26,000 dengue fever patients with the number of deaths recorded from the mosquito-borne disease at 33, higher than last year, according to Dr. Wichai Satimai, an expert of the Department of Disease Control.

He said regarding dengue fever now that on average infections rose to 2,000 every two weeks with three to four deaths. The most vulnerable group were children aged below 15 years old.

According to the information, about 90 per cent of dengue infections showed no symptoms. However, he said it is believed that the number of dengue fever patients is likely to increase as the rainy season nears.

If anyone has s high fever for two consecutive days, they should see a doctor as delayed medical consulting and diagnosis underlying the disease contributed to most deaths from the fever, he said.

Most of Thailand’s patients and deaths were found in the southern region, followed by the northeastern region.

The public health ministry has worked with the health department and the Office of Basic Education Commission to eradicate mosquitoes at home and in school.