Thailand tightens border security to prevent Covid-19 infected illegal entries

Military and police officers patrol along the Thailand-Myanmar border to prevent illegal entries, some of whom could be carriers of the Covid-19 virus.

Thailand’s Prime Minister has ordered reinforcement of border security to prevent illegal entries, as the COVID-19 situation in neighboring countries is getting out of control.

The government’s deputy spokesperson, Traisulee Traisaranakul, disclosed that PM General Prayut Chan-O-Cha had ordered every governor especially in provinces that share a border with a neighboring country to prevent illegal entries. Security departments and residents are also required to cooperate with each other to report any suspicious activities, after illegal workers were found to have been smuggled into the country, causing deep concern of COVID-19 infections.

Government’s deputy spokesperson, Traisulee Traisaranakul said the law will be strictly enforced on people smugglers.

Miss Traisulee added that the PM also stressed that the Police department and Immigration must strictly enforce the law, given the negative effect on the public if smugglers successfully enter the kingdom. If any officials are found to have supported illegal entries, they will be prosecuted without exception. The punishment that will be applied to such officers is to ensure public confidence that the officers are extra careful and the public is safe, as no one can overlook the crime of smuggling.

The PM also lauded the efforts of officials in all sectors including local security, public health, the police department, soldiers and volunteers for their hard work since early this year.

The hard work has paid off as Thailand is set to maintain a very low infection rate. Most new infections are found inside state quarantine facilities. (NNT)