Thailand Research Expo 2015 from 16-20 August


BANGKOK,  The Office of the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) is to hold “Thailand Research Expo 2015” during 16-20 August to bring academic researches closer to ordinary people.

400 outstanding researches were selected from 130 research agencies across Thailand with a hope that they would be useful to both the community and industrial sectors.

Prof. Dr.Sutthiporn Jitmitarapap, Secreatary-General of the Office of National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT), said that the NRCT has supported a wide range of researches and they have helped stimulate community economy and industrial earnings of SMEs.

“Innovations could add value to local products. Scented Popped Rice made from sticky rice paddy was one of the successful examples,” he said.

The Expo is expected to give visitors ideas about practical use of researches in everyday life. There are also seminars on more than 100 topics related to medicines, education, and underprivileged persons.

Business negotiations will also be arranged during the expo in a hope that these master pieces will be further developed into a commercial scale.