Thailand-Japan join hands to battle air pollution


Bangkok –Thailand and Japan have joined hands on air quality management and the reduction of fine PM 2.5 particulate matter in traffic congested areas, starting with air pollution surveys in Bangkok.

Thailand’s Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, and Japan’s Ministry of the Environment, have signed an agreement on environmental cooperation to provide support for academic work and the making of measures and policies to solve the airborne particulate matter disaster in Thailand. The Japanese government has already been providing support in the form of academics who help exchange ideas and make suggestions on policy making and the creation of measures solving this problem.

Pollution Control Department (PCD) Director General Pralong Dumrongthai said that staff had recently collected air samples from three locations in Bangkok with high traffic congestion and community areas, namely Din Daeng, Bang Na, and Soi Ari Samphan. The air samples have been sent to Japan for an assessment of pollution sources, with the results expected to be disclosed by the end of this year.