Thailand could save 8.5 trillion baht on energy in 20 years


BANGKOK, 26 August 2015 -The Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO) said Thailand could save as much as 8.5 trillion baht in energy spending in 20 years if every sector committed to saving energy. 

According to EPPO Director Dr. Thawarat Sutabutr, the energy saving plan developed this year will serve as a guideline for the Ministry of Energy on how to reduce energy spending within 2036.

The Ministry of Energy is aiming to cut energy consumption index by 30% via 3 strategies. They include compulsory legal enforcement, public cooperation and government support.

Dr. Thawarat said he hoped this would lead to better control on machinery and financial support to those that seek more energy efficiency in their organization.

The increase in public transports and promoting energy conservation in schools are among many goals to be realized during the next 20 years.

The EPPO Director added that, if successful, the plan would generate higher investments as manufacturers are likely to save more on energy consumption.