Thailand burns 3 tonnes of seized illicit drugs


BANGKOK, June 26 — To mark World Anti-Drug Day on Thursday, Thailand destroyed more than three tonnes of confiscated narcotics worth over Bt8.8 billion.

The Thai authorities burned a total of 3.094 tonnes of illicit drugs during a ceremony held for the 43rd time at Bang Pa-in industrial Estate in Ayutthaya, on the occasion of the World Anti-Drug Day which is observed on June 26 each year.

The Bt8,867 million worth of narcotics confiscated from 2,911 cases were burnt using the pyrolytic incineration system under 850 degrees Celsius which was said to destroy the drugs without polluting the environment while rendering the resulting powder unusable as a narcotic.

Most of the drugs were amphetamines, at 2.504 tonnes, followed by ice, opium and heroin, respectively.

Four hundred thousand drug users and dealers in Thailand were under treatment and rehabilitation in 2013, while 150,000 persons were under treatment during January 1-June 15 so far this year.