Thailand and Laos conduct Special Meeting on Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation in Bangkok


BANGKOK, 15 January 2015 – Delegations from the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and from the Ministry of Science and Technology of Thailand today conducted a Special Meeting on Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation, at Pathumwan Princess Hotel, Bangkok

The meeting was held to continue discussing the status and progress of bilateral cooperation on Science, Technology and Innovation in 14 fields, which are Biotechnology and Biodiversity, Renewable Energy, Electronics and Computer Technology, Astronomy, Synchrotron Technology, Space Technology, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems, Meteorology and Standardization, Raising Awareness about Science, Innovation Promotion for SMEs, Science Parks, Water Resources Management, Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Botanical Gardens Development and Technology for the Community.

These are ongoing topics from the Meeting of Thai and Laos Seniors Officers held on 27th September 2014.

Besides the discussion on the appointment of a Joint Committee, as suggested by the Lao counterpart, to follow the progress of issues continued from the 6th Ministerial Conference on Cooperation in Science and Technology between Thailand and the LPDR, which was held in Vientiane in Laos.

The two parties also discussed holding meetings of the Joint Committee annually, while the Ministerial Conference might be conducted every two years to acknowledge the progress of the scheme and to exchange policy matters.